The Step Up 2013 Results



Place Points Time Team Name Team members
1 241 1:46:00pm S & M Shannon Boyes
Megan McBreen
2 241 2:53:08pm Team Team Philippa Henning
Annelies Taske
3 241 3:02:55pm Amateur Hour Beth Farrell
Jessica Smith
4 221 3:03:55pm Anna and Pam Anna Speer
Pamela Fitzgerald
5 161 3:13:57pm Not Another Hill Suwati Lowth
Mary Mallon
6 121 3:18:51pm Two biscuits short of a packet Amanda Cawthorn
Jane Zimmerman
Place Points Time Team Name Team members
1 641 2:02:22pm SCAR Robbie Andrews
Dave Schloss
2 461 1:55:46pm Wild Geese Chasers Paul Melloy
Cameron Murray
3 441 2:06:17pm Team Explore Paul Elby
James Dougall
4 421 1:56:07pm Howie McCann
Paddy Meldrum
5 371 1:53:02pm B & S Brendan Robertson
Shane Crook
6 371 1:53:47pm Lost in Space Dyson Findlay
Stephen Porter
7 341 1:56:38pm The Hopeless Jokes Michael Roodhouse
John Ruhle
8 261 1:53:31pm Team Ker Neil Ker
9 241 1:58:25pm The Lost Jokers Paul Moran
Terry Moran
10 241 2:02:41pm Half a BroCann Choppa Lukas Cann
Josh Davis
11 241 2:04:00pm Wombats Shaun Jackson
Brett Weekes
12 241 2:11:45pm Heavily Loaded Bags Rawson Armitage
Geoff Davis
13 241 2:14:47pm Oam Brett Mcaleese
Todd Vallance
14 241 2:30:03pm Results1st Jarryd Greitschus
Rick Wenck
15 241 2:54:19pm Thorn Bro’s Aaron Thornbury
Colby Thornbury
16 211 2:56:00pm Rochedale Runners Mark Morton
Stephen Parker
17 41 2:40:38pm English Harper Peter English
Jonny Harper
Place Points Time Team Name Team members
1 361 1:55:43pm Mountain Designs Kim Beckinsale
Leo Theoharis
2 241 2:07:04pm Pinkies Julie Pink
Daniel Pink
3 241 2:11:19pm Threebuttons Linda Wallis
Todd Bray
4 241 2:13:29pm Lost Boys & Girl Ellie Kipper
Jaysen Searle
Phillip Weightman
5 241 2:14:18pm Team Green Lindy O’Connor
David Tilburey
6 241 2:36:47pm Pinsent Louise Mills
Andrew Pinsent
7 241 2:52:57pm Solo Abbey Anderson
Rick Anderson
8 231 2:33:54pm TK Guerillas Kelly Ransome
Todd Ransome
9 181 2:39:41pm Kiwi Coasters Danielle Roberts
Steve Pemberton
10 161 2:21:34pm Supreme Custodians Jessica Palfreyman
Joshua Palfreyman
11 151 2:12:45pm AdventureRaceGear3 Chris Atkinson
Matthew Lampard
12 151 2:32:51pm AdventureRaceGear2 Helen and Adam
13 151 2:54:03pm Grease Monkeys Kelsey Harvey
Aidon Browning
Place Points Time Team Name Team members
1 241 1:56:53pm TriAdventure Vintage Jan Leverton
Susie Blissner
Place Points Time Team Name Team members
1 141 3:50:12pm JJs Boys CJ Campbell
Col Carlsson
Place Points Time Team Name Team members
1 241 1:56:48pm Isodopes Gina Dunsdon
Ian Stewart
2 241 1:58:35pm Farkowy Mandy Caldwell
Trevor Mullens
3 241 2:30:21pm Sunshine Unicycles Wendy Flanagan
Andy Flanagan
4 121 2:43:37pm For Better or Worse (or until he gets me lost) Michele Krome
Greg Krome
5 21 1:57:21pm Grey Fox Debbie Lawson
John Harders