Hammer BUPA AdHammer Nutrition is a sponsor of the GC Adventure Race event. I personally have been using Hammer product for a number of years and still rely on their gels to get me through most races.

Visit the Nutrition for Adventure Racing by Hammer Nutrition.



COCONUT GROOVE – Coconut Water Information

 cropped-coconut-groove.pngCoconut Groove coconut water is a 100% pure, chemical and additive free, re-hydrating and re-energizing sports drink.    Coconut Groove coconut water is blended from several varieties of fresh, young green coconuts and is a natural, healthy alternative to the sugar, additive, synthetic nutrient and preservative-laden manufactured sports and energy drinks currently on the market.

 Visit and click on the Nutritional Info, Comparison Drinks and Health Benefits pages for comprehensive nutritional information. 

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