2015 Ridgeline Trail Run

2015 Race results for 28 June 2015 – Nerang

Overall – The Beast (30km)

  1. Dave Brown
  2. Scott Mulder
  3. Dylan Cole-Jones

Overall – The Animal (15km)

  1. David Stevenson
  2. Christopher Sadler
  3. Paul Elby

Overall – The Poodle (6km)

  1. Audrey Guillemin
  2. Adam Lee
  3. Drew Edwards

Full results

Event Testimonials

“Another gruelling trail run…but glad to have made it all the way.” (Ridgeline FB)

“Awesome course for the 30k, done a few 50k’s races this year and I think that is a tougher course than all of them. Well done.” (Ridgeline FB)

“… Got to the race venue at 7:50am and a small girl helped me with registration, as everyone was at the race start. Then a quick warmup run to the race start with 5min to spare. Quick stretch and then off we go with a down hill start. Felt good but the hills were so long at the start so the HR jumped to about 184bpm so I consciously slowed down. I didn’t run down hills fast as I was worried about my quads, thank goodness I didn’t as Gary tortured us with so many ascents and descents I cannot recall (my garmin will tell later). The 15km and 7.5km course people joined our course in the last 10km which was nice as you say a few words to each other, but then Gary ensured that we ran 30klm and diverted us to the left for the last 5km. That last section, OMG!, was impossible with the way my legs were feeling. I finished and I said out aloud that the last 5km was mean. Gary repeated over the speaker: ‘John said that the last 5km of the course was the most enjoyable part of the run for him’. Thanks Gary.” (Ridgeline FB)