Ridgeline Trail Run

This year we are proud to host a trail running event. This event offers 3 distances.

The Beast –

29.3km of fire roads, single track , and steep hills.
This is for anyone looking to challenge themselves and you will need to be in good physical condition.

Cost – $44.00


Here is the Strava link for the course map and elevation profile:
Course map

The Animal –

15km of fire roads, single tracks and moderately steep hills.
A good challenge that most people with a little persistence should be able to achieve.

Course map

The Poodle –

6km of mainly Hilly fire roads with a little single track.
Good for beginners not ready for longer events , juniors over 12  or anyone looking for a shorter but challenging hit out.

Course map

Schedule of events

The start location is from Tom Rose Park, 69 Wandin St, Nerang QLD

Registration: 7:00am – 9:30am for all races

Race Briefing: 10 minutes before each race start

Race Start:

  • The Beast – 8:00am (~30km)
  • The Animal – 9:00am (15km)
  • The Poodle – 10:00am (6km)

Cut Off Time: All athletes must be finished by 3:00pm


  • The Poodle – 11:30am (6km)
  • The Animal – 12:00pm (15km)
  • The Beast – 12:30am (~30km)

Post race: There will be a BBQ (sausage) and can of drink available from 11am for all competitors.

What to Bring


  • Race bib (supplied at registration)
  • Running shoes
  • Hydration Pack (or some means to carry fluids)
  • Whistle
  • Race food and water (there is tap water available at registration)


  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Sturdy pair of trail running shoes
  • Comfortable race clothes and socks
  • Blister treatment
  • Anti-chafing Cream
  • Strapping tape (ankle strapping is highly recommended)
  • Sports drinks and nutrition
  • A sense of adventure

The Poodle This is totally self-supported. All drinks and food will need to be carried by the competitor.
The Animal: This is totally self-supported. All drinks and food will need to be carried by the competitor.
The Beast: There will be 1 x water drop at approximately the half way point.


There will be hazard tape and signs marking the course, if you haven’t seen any for an extended period back track until you do.

If you are lost stay on a track or fire road. Generally in Nerang there is a fire road on most ridgelines (top of mountains). After the cut-off time we will be looking for you so if lost 6 x sharp blows on your whistle.

If you see an athlete in need of help take note of their number and inform an official. We will have a tail-end Charlie sweeping the 30km course.